Healthcare & Fitness Integration SUMMIT

The Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit occurs on Oct. 15-16 as an exclusive two-day event that provides a wealth of content for medical professionals, health system administrators, fitness professionals, health club operators, and other C-level executives. With presentations from fitness executives and medical physicians, the summit covers topics such as the healthcare landscape, diabetes, medical weight management, cardiac patients, the psychology behind obesity and motivation, and more.

The Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit is recommended for both physicians and those who run health clubs.


Why Attend

Hear why you should attend the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit

Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit

The Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit, produced by the Club Industry Show, provides educational content highlighting the growing opportunity in partnership between the healthcare and health club industries.
This first-of-its-kind event will host expert speakers from both industries.

Through this partnership, physicians can serve their patients more effectively through referrals to health clubs, while health club operators can increase their membership base and improve the health of the physician’s patients and their members, all while creating new, alternative revenue streams for both groups.

Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit Registration Early Bird Rate - Ends 8/12/20 Advanced - Beginning 8/13/20 Standard - Beginning 10/01/20
Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit $345 / 2-day Summit $425 / 2-day Summit $545 / 2-day Summit
Healthcare & Fitness Integration Single Day $199 $279 $379


    The Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit is chaired and co-moderated by Dr. Mark Tager and Kevin Steele, Ph.D.


    Advisory Board 

    The Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track and Summit is chaired and co-moderated by Kevin Steele, Ph.D., president of PTA Global and PTontheNet. The Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit’s senior advisor and co-moderator is Dr. Silvana Pannain, associate professor of medicine, endocrinology, University of Chicago.